My journey began during a 10-day Vipassana retreat. I was confronted with myself and encountered all my beliefs, my resistance and imbalance. The beginning of the development to who I really am.

I followed various courses to restore balance, specialized in Eastern massage techniques, energy work, the chakra's and yoga and (still) study the Buddhist philosophy. In those years I have thrown off a lot of baggage. My high sensitivity changed from negative vulnerability to joyful openness.

From this openness I approach you as a client. Everything is fine and can be there without judgement. I let you see and feel what is happening in your body and mind and then show you the way to healing and balance.

Bewust in Balans met Baukje

At Bewust in Balans met Baukje you come back into balance through bodywork and Buddhist teachings. So that you feel free and happy again.

The purpose of everything I offer is to learn to experience life through the body. The massage, yoga, meditation and coaching are techniques that teach you this in different ways. Through the combination of those techniques you learn that when your body gives signals in the form of fatigue, ailments and illness, there is an imbalance between body, mind and energy. So that you can then restore the balance by using the right techniques and maintain the balance by integrating the insights from it.

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