A massage balances the body, mind and whole energy. Bringing back awareness in the body, calmes the mind and restores the energy.

Massage therapy

The massage combines different Eastern massage techniques. This massage techniques are used on energy (Sen) lines, muscles, tissue, meridians and pressure points. The body shows me where the blockage is and I will use the right technique, so that your body can relax and regenerate.

You can choose from three different massages: Vedic massage, deep massage and yoga massage. The massages have a therapeutic effect and bring you into balance physically, mentally and emotionally.

Vedic massage

Massage is more than just loosening muscles. It is the basis of body-oriented attention that is also reflected in meditation and yoga. The Vedic massage is also referred to as meditation massage and comes from the Indian Vedic tradition.

This gentle massage releases all stress from your body through gentle touch, pulses and vibration. Not only the body, but also the mind relaxes through the pleasant massage and gentle movements.

Deep massage

This firm massage combines different Eastern massage techniques that are used to increase the self-healing capacity of the body. The body shows me where the blockage is and I will use the right technique, so that your body can relax and regenerate.

The deep massage increases circulation, relieves muscle tension and balances the body and mind. By using different techniques such as kneading, vibration, pressure and stroking, the energy and blood circulation will improve and body wil detoxify.

60 minutes – €58.00 (from 1-8-2024 €60.00)
90 minutes – €87.00 (from 1-8-2024 €90.00)


Yoga massage

For balance in body and mind I use three techniques; massage, meditation and yoga. The yoga massage is a combination of these techniques.

With this massage I bring your body into different (easy) yoga postures. During stretching, the muscles are massaged and loosened with pulses and vibration so that they relax. You experience where your blockages are and get to know the limits of your body and mind. So that you can let go where it is possible and accept where it is not. Then you can relax both physically and mentally.

During the yoga massage you wear flexible pants and a t-shirt/top.

60 minutes – €58.00 (from 1-8-2024 €60.00)

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