For me, meditation and bodywork are inextricably linked. The body reflects everything that is inside us. All the information you have received from an early age is stored in your body. Literal.

You once learned to ride a bicycle as a small child. By practicing, information is sent to your brain where a connection is made between nerve cells that then sends the 'bicycle' information to your nervous system so that you can now jump on your bike without having to think about it. Your body knows what to do.

It's the same with emotions. An emotion connects to your brain, which sends signals to your nervous system. That emotion is important information, because it indicates that you have been affected by something. At that moment, the energy of the emotion is present in your body and that energy must be burned somehow. If you don't do this or don't do it correctly, the energy will remain in your body and that will ultimately cause blockages.


When an emotion is very strong, it triggers a whole chain of reactions in the body. Just like when learning to cycle, a connection is made between nerve cells that then transmit the information to your nervous system. The difference is that logic and reason are closed off and your entire nervous system only responds to emotion. You enter a fight-flight-freeze response. When you are again faced with a situation where the same type of emotion arises, regardless of the situation, your nervous system will respond exactly as it has learned. Logic and reason are turned off and the fight-flight-freeze response is activated. This is what we call trauma response. Trauma is not what you have experienced, but how your nervous system responds to what you have experienced.


Eightfold path

According to Buddhism, the eightfold path is the path to the end of suffering. It does not consist of commandments, but is a personal and individual process. It invites you to explore yourself.
However, there is no fixed order. The path as a whole is the most important. The eight steps support and reinforce each other.

Removing blockages via the eightfold path

You need attention to recognize blockages. You want to be able to be fully present for a certain period of time with everything that arises, without linking stories to it. So you want to remain focused and neutral in observing what presents itself. That is what the eightfold path means by right concentration, right effort and right mindfulness. In other words: meditation.
Blockages do not happen by themselves. They have a cause and an effect. The cause may be outside you, but the reaction is within you and that causes the blockage. To know which reaction causes a blockage, you need insight into your own behavior. That is what the eightfold path means by right speech, right conduct and right livelihood. In other words: moral behavior

What you need for this tells the rest of the eightfold path: right view and right resolve. In other words: wisdom.

To remove blockages you need wisdom, meditation and moral behavior. That is what my practice is about.

Body-oriented coaching

Removing a blockage starts with the intention to be present in your body. This way you learn which reaction causes the blockage where in the body. You gain more and more insight into your attitude and behavior. With that insight you will automatically release the blockage. But sometimes you need some extra help to recognize and remove blockages. Body-oriented coaching gives you the opportunity to work with yourself on yourself under guidance.

Although there is also talk during these coaching sessions, the emphasis is on the energetic work: massageyoga and meditation. Feeling and experience.

A session therefore always consists of a conversation part and a body-oriented part and you will receive exercises (yoga and meditation) and possibly nutritional advice to work with at home.

For the body-oriented part, choose yoga coaching or massage coaching. If you don't yet know what the best method is for you, we can decide that together during the first appointment.

Yoga coaching

During a yoga coaching session we will work on yoga postures that will help you recognize and remove your blockages. You will gain insight into the cooperation between your body and your mind. You can then continue to do the exercises at home.

Massage coaching

During a massage coaching session I massage your body and you keep your attention on the body's response. The body flawlessly indicates where blockages are. It's up to me to send the right energy there, so that your body can get to work with it. It is up to you to keep your attention on your body in your daily life, so that blockages do not arise again.

This session can be further divided into:

Yoga massage

With this massage I bring your body into different (easy) yoga postures. You experience where your blockages are and get to know the limits of your body and mind. So that you can let go where it is possible and accept where it is not. You are clothed for this massage.

Deep massage

This firm massage combines different Eastern massage techniques that are used to increase the self-healing capacity of the body. The body shows me where the blockage is and I will use the right technique, so that your body can get to work with this energy. This is a massage with oil on the bare skin.

60 minuten – €60,00
90 minuten – €90,00


Walk & Talk

Walking is a fantastic way to get back to your own nature. During a Walk & Talk session we go out together. We will discuss what is going on inside you and I will give you a response based on Buddhist philosophy. I may just ask you questions, but I can also give you assignments. Just what is needed to restore your balance.

60 minuten – €60,00
90 minuten – €90,00


Please contact us for this in advance via email.WhatsApp or by telephone via 0638897756.

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