Buddhism is not a religion or teaching that you should accept blindly. It is a life lesson that you have to experience yourself. Only when you examine yourself you gain insight by what you discover.

I work with the Buddhist way of coaching. This is not therapy and it does not work towards a solution, healing or enlightenment, but gives you the opportunity to work with yourself on yourself. By gaining insight into your own actions, you will automatically restore the balance.

Although there is also talk during these coaching sessions, the emphasis is on the energetic work: massageyoga and meditation. Feeling and experience.


Buddhist coaching

Most problems are emotional. Headaches (physical) are often caused by stress (emotional). You can try by talking (mentally), to get rid of the headache, but you will find that it does not work. You cannot solve an emotional problem mentally and you cannot solve a mental problem emotionally. Simply put: you can't solve a math problem with sadness.

Physical and emotional problems

How do you know when your physical problems have an emotional cause? You observe yourself. Are you able to notice and experience your own emotions or do your emotions play tricks on you and do you act on them before you notice them?

The arise of emotions and the law of cause and effect are the main themes that will be discussed. The goal is to come into balance and to stay in balance.

Coaching session

Every session can be different, but we always start with a conversation. Based on this, we see whether massage, yoga or meditation is the best technique to experience balance at that moment. By staying mindful during the session, you will discover sources of imbalance within yourself and you can then work on them.

A session therefore always consists of a conversation part and a body-oriented part and you will receive exercises (yoga and meditation) and nutritional advice to work with at home.

60 minutes – €58.00
90 minutes – €87.00


Walk & Talk

Hiking is a fantastic way to get back to your own nature. Sometimes that is in silence, sometimes through conversation. During a Walk & Talk session we go out together. If you want to talk, I can give you an explanation based on Buddhist philosophy. I can ask you questions, or just offer a sympathetic ear. Just what it takes to restore your balance.

60 minutes – €58.00
90 minutes – €87.00

Please contact us for this via email in advance.WhatsApp or by telephone via 0638897756.

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